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Scan Combiflex 330

Scan Combiflex 330

The Scan Combiflex 330 (SC 330) is two machines in one. The SC 330 features a single 330mm (13in) grinding disc that works great for grinding small areas, removing tough coatings, and general surface preparation. The SC330 can also be configured as a single disc edger by adjusting the axel in two different directions. This unique system allows the SC 330 to be angled towards the edge, which results in extremely clean and effective grinds along edges. That makes the SC 330 one of the best options for grinding and polishing edges, since it eliminates the need for hand held grinders.

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Effect: 1,5 or 4 kW
Ampere: 10 amp
Voltage: 1 x 230 V or 3 x 400 V, 110V, 1-fas, 16A
Frequency: 50 Hz
RPM: 600 or 1430
Weight: 65 kg
Grinding widht: 330 mm
Grindplate: 1 x 330 mm