• Scan Combiflex 650 DSP

Scan Combiflex 650 DSP

The all new Scan Combiflex 650 DSP by Scanmaskin is the new addition to its smart floor grinding and polishing product range. The 650 DSP guides the operator through the whole process. Thanks to the new integrated computer the machine gives accurate guidance to the operator through the control panel.

With the manual option, the operator receives notifications and warnings about tool wear and tear through sensors. The manual mode also enables the operator to select the speed and the tools.
Effect: 7,5 kW
Ampere: 16A
Voltage: 3 x 400V, 230V, 3-fas, 7.5kW, 230V, 1-fas, 4kW
Frequency: 50 -60 Hz
RPM: 350 - 1100/min
Weight: 320 kg
Grinding width: 650mm
Grindplates: 3 x 210 mm
Watertank: Extra feature