BBTS Lubrication System for Rail Curve

We offer a reliable and robust system, capable of resisting severe environmental conditions. The system has an advanced control system that uses a network connection that communicates with a remote laptop, pc, or PLC (programmable logic controller). This is possible due to its interface with a 3G connection ( the SIM card must be enabled to transmit and receive 3G data). The lubricant (NLGI grade 2) is applied onto a lubrication bar directly on the correct side of the rail. The Track‐Lube is modular which makes the configuration of the system efficient and easy. A small lubrication bar applies the lubricant in a uniformed manner and is sufficient to lubricate a piece of track for 4.000 m. It is possible to install several small bars from one pump station.

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Applications BBTS Lubrication System for Rail Curve
Industries Civil Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Power Generation

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