Metallurgical Microscope BX 53M

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Metallurgical Microscope BX 53M
Metallurgical Microscope BX 53M
Metallurgical Microscope BX 53M
Metallurgical Microscope BX 53M
Metallurgical Microscope BX 53M
Metallurgical Microscope BX 53M

Designed with modularity in mind, the BX 53M series provides versatility for various materials science and industrial applications. With improved integration with OLYMPUS Stream software, the BX 53M provides a seamless workflow for standard microscopy and digital imaging users from observation to report creation.

The BX 53M maintains the traditional contrast methods of conventional microscopies, such as brightfield, darkfield, polarized light, and differential interference contrast. With the development of new materials, many difficulties are associated with detecting defects using standard contrast methods, which can be solved using advanced microscopy techniques for more accurate and reliable inspections. New Mix illumination techniques and image acquisition options within OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software give users more choices to evaluate their samples and document findings.

Six BX 53M suggested configurations provide you with the flexibility to choose the features that you need.

  • For General use:  Entry, Standard, Advanced
  • For Dedicated use:  Fluorescence, Infrared, Polarization
  • Various configurations to meet users' requirements
  • Modular Design, Build Your System Your Way

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Applications Metallurgical Microscopes
Industries Aerospace, Commercial Services, Education & Research, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas
  • Superior Optical Performance
  • Stable Color Temperature and High-Intensity White LED Illumination
  • Support Precise Measurement
  • Seamless Stitching
  • Optional Magnification Changer
  • Coded Hardware: Easily restore microscope settings
  • Easy and Ergonomic Operation.
Metallurgical Microscope BX 53M
Product Brochures

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