Cement Compression Machines

Cement Compression Machines
Cement Compression Machines
Cement Compression Machines
  • 250 kN maximum capacity
  • Calibration accuracy to BS EN ISO 7500-1; ASTM E4
  • Automatic loading cycle
  • 25 kN low capacity frame supplied as standard
  • Tests a wide variety of specimen sizes
  • Tests mortar, lime, cement, and Fly Ash
  • Complete with compression/flexural jigs and platen sets
  • Supplied with Windows® download software as standard
Applications Cement Testing
Industries Civil Infrastructure, Commercial Services, Education & Research, Manufacturing

The ADR Touch Control PRO 250/25 Machine provides consistent automatic testing of a wide range of specimens. The machine comprises a standard ELE 250/25 kN load frame and the new ADR Touch Control PRO console and incorporates all the features included in the ADR Touch Control PRO series concrete testing machines.

As standard, the machine is supplied with platens fitted to the load frame, compression jig with 40 mm and 50mm/2 inch square platen sets, and flexural jig for testing 40.1 x 40 x 160 mm prisms.

The availability of the 25 kN low capacity load frame as standard extends the test capability of the machine for low strength compression or flexural testing.

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