CorroFlex Corrosion Chamber

CorroFlex Corrosion Chamber
CorroFlex Corrosion Chamber
CorroFlex Corrosion Chamber
CorroFlex Corrosion Chamber
CorroFlex Corrosion Chamber

In response to customer demand for larger test chambers to test large samples, in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and weights, we are pleased to introduce the latest range of Ascott CorroFlex flexible size corrosion test chambers.

The Ascott CorroFlex is available from 1.5m (59") internal width, in 0.5m (19") increments, up to 4m (157") wide and either 1m (39") or 1.5m (59") deep solutions, giving a maximum test volume space of 6400L (226 cu. ft)

The CorroFlex range of front-loading corrosion chambers are available in two model specifications:

CFS models are salt spray only test chambers and can perform single temperature, continuous salt spray tests in accordance with international standards such as ASTM B117, ISO 9227, JIS Z 2371, and many more.

CFX models are cyclic corrosion chambers and can be programmed to create any of 4 distinct climates: salt spray, controlled humidity, air drying, and condensation humidity. These climates can be programmed to occur in any sequence for any period of time and repeat automatically. 

The CFX models also have the ability to automatically open and close their door as part of the test cycle if required, exposing the samples to laboratory ambient conditions as well.

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Applications Corrosion Test Chambers
Industries Aerospace, Civil Infrastructure, Commercial Services, Education & Research, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas

Common features for CFS and CFX models:

  • Front-loading system for ease of loading large/ heavy test samples in a wide range of shapes and sizes.
  • High strength GRP panel front door available in 9 standard colors with windows for viewing samples during testing.
  • Pneumatically operated door for ease of opening and closing (door slides up to close and down to open).
  • Interior illumination fitted as standard.
  • High load capacity mesh racking supplied as standard.
  • Large external, portable salt solution tank with wheels, for ease of access to a water source, and an integral drain system for ease of cleaning
  • The exterior shell is fully resistant to corrosion
  • True color 3.5’’ Touch-screen controller interface, for ease of programming and control, with graphical display of temperature. 
  • Centrally located viewing window/s for good visual access to chamber interior and test samples when a door closed.
  • Timed canopy lock and purge of the chamber interior with fresh air after testing and before the chamber is opened, preventing corrosive salt fog from escaping. 
  • A peristaltic pumping system for precise control and delivery of the salt solution.
  • Chamber heated by externally mounted heater mats, protecting them against damage from the corrosive climate inside the chamber, and ensuring uniform heat distribution inside the chamber. 
  • Base castors and integrated forklift truck runners, for ease of transportation
  • Easily accessible salt spray atomizer(s) in transparent, durable acrylic with integral filter, for ease of maintenance.

  • Additional features for CFX models:

    • Combines salt spray with other environmental conditions such as controlled humidity, air drying, and condensation humidity modes
    • True color, 7’’ widescreen WVGA Screen user control interface, using the latest version of our highly intuitive operating software. 
    • 480p (0.38 megapixel) high-resolution icon-based interface available in multiple languages for ease of understanding and use.
    • Large capacity memory, allowing for extensive customer programs to be stored, 254 main programs of up to 200 steps, 100 sub-programs, and 254 single line programs
    • Integrated immersion heater to create condensation humidity, for testing to a wider range of ‘modified’ salt spray tests
    • Temperature and Humidity monitoring in SCADA using OPC-UA
    • RJ45 communications port enabling the chamber to be wire or wirelessly connected to a local area network (LAN) for logging and remote programming via a computer running optional software
    • A real-time, user-configurable ‘clock’ to enable different test samples to be batched and have their exposure time monitored separately, with alarms to warn when a pre-set test period has been completed.

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