cryoRaman – Cryogenic Raman Imaging

cryoRaman brings Raman imaging with an unmatched spatial resolution to very low-temperature measurements. It was developed for researchers investigating materials that reveal novel properties when cooled to near absolute zero. By combining the performance and modularity of the alpha300 microscope series with advanced cryostat and nanopositioner technology, experiments down to 1.6K in high magnetic fields are made easily accessible and configurable.   

Designed to meet existing and emerging challenges, cryoRaman offers a robust standard feature set that can be augmented through an extensive range of options.

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Applications Raman Microscope
Industries Civil Infrastructure, Commercial Services, Defence & Security, Education & Research, Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities - Electricity and Water
  • Excitation wavelengths from VIS to NIR with optimized spectrometers
  • Low-vibration closed-cycle cryostats (attoDRY series)
  • User-friendly WITec Suite FIVE data acquisition and evaluation software
  • Exceptionally precise low-temperature nanopositioner (attocube AN series)
  • 1.6K to 300K operating temperatures
  • Patented cryogenic Raman-specific objectives (attocube cryogenic objectives)
  • Solenoid magnets with a strength of up to 12T or vector magnets
  • Full polarization control in excitation and detection
  • Software-controlled laser power adjustment
  • Automated switching from optical microscopy to spectroscopic imaging
  • Automated spectrometer calibration light source and routines
  • Time-correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC) modes
  • Low-wavenumber Raman peak detection

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