ElectroPuls™ E10000

ElectroPuls™ E10000
ElectroPuls™ E10000
ElectroPuls™ E10000

The ElectroPuls™ E10000 Linear-Torsion is a state-of-the-art, all-electric test instrument designed for dynamic and static testing on a wide range of materials and components. It includes Instron® advanced digital control electronics, bi-axial DynacellTM load cell, Console software, and the very latest in testing technology – hassle-free tuning based on specimen stiffness, electrically operated crosshead lifts, a T-slot table for flexible test setups and a host of other user-orientated features. Powered from a single-phase supply it requires no additional utilities for basic machine operation (for example, pneumatic air, hydraulics, or water).

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Applications Dynamic and Fatigue Testing Systems
Industries Aerospace, Civil Infrastructure, Commercial Services, Defence & Security, Education & Research, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Utilities - Electricity and Water
  • Oil-Free linear and rotary motor technology for clean conditions
  • De-coupled linear/rotary actuators
  • Designed for both dynamic and static testing on a variety of materials and components
  • High dynamic performance, Capable of performing up to 100 Hz
  • ±10 kN dynamic linear load capacity and ±100 Nm dynamic torque capacity
  • Electrically powered from single phase main supply, no need for hydraulic or pneumatic air supplies
  • Temperature-controlled air-cooling system
  • High-stiffness, precision-aligned twin column load frame with the actuator in upper crosshead
  • Versatile T-slot table for regular and irregular grips and specimens
  • Compact instrument - frame requires less than 0.8 m² (8.6 ft²) of floor space.
ElectroPuls™ E10000

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