ASIO® Professional Inspection Drone

ASIO® Professional Inspection Drone
ASIO® Professional Inspection Drone
ASIO® Professional Inspection Drone
ASIO® Professional Inspection Drone
ASIO® Professional Inspection Drone

Flybotix' ASIO® Drone is a revolutionary inspection drone solution with Live streamed 4K and IR cameras to spot defects & inspect hard-to-reach and dangerous areas in a wide range of situations. With strong protective cage & advanced sensors and algorithms to assist the pilot with autonomous features, making ASIO incredibly easy to fly.

While other indoor inspection drones use quadrotor technology with tiny propellers, Flybotix’s patented propulsion system is built around two large coaxial and reclining propellers. This novel configuration, combining the simplicity of multirotor and the efficiency of helicopters, is used for the first time on an indoor inspection drone and allows ASIO to outperform the competition on the three most important specifications: extended flight time, reduced noise level, and redundancy.

A collision-proof protective cage

When flying in confined environments, and even more when out of sight, the risk of touching surfaces is high. In order to keep your pilots safe and able to operate from the distance, ASIO must resist to collisions. The design of the protective cage protects the propellers from interference with the environment or with the cage itself, ensuring the highest level of safety for your drone, your assets, and of course your workers.

A powerful camera system

We know that ASIO will be your inspectors’ deported eyes, and as such we selected the best-in-class camera sensor. Produced by Sony, with a 4K resolution (3840x2160 pixels), it allows you to spot the tiniest details in true colors and to capture 12 megapixels pictures directly during the flight. Be confident in your inspections and don’t ever miss any defect again! 

Infrared camera

Some defects are invisible to the human eye, but their detection is critical to ensure the assets’ integrity – that’s why we added an infrared sensor by FLIR, the world leader in thermal cameras. It will help you identify cold or hot spots in your equipment, allowing your workers to perform preventative maintenance before any failure happens and thus driving your operational costs down.

Gimbal system

You’ve reached the location you need to inspect, but the point of interest is above or under the field of view of the camera? We mounted the camera sensors on a ±90° vertical gimbal system in the front of ASIO, to make sure that no area stays out of sight. And, of course, we made it occlusion-free to make you see everything as if you were on site yourself.

Powerful lighting

Areas requiring an inspection in industrial environments are often in the dark, and in such situation, the best camera sensor is useless without proper lighting. We implemented more than 100 LED to ensure up to 10,000-lumen luminous power, making the darkest places as clear as during the day – and their layout prevents the dust raised by the drone to disturb the camera.

Video stream

To make sure that your pilots don’t miss anything during their inspection missions, we live-stream the high-definition image from the 4K camera directly to the remote control. And in order to go into more details after the flight, everything is stored onboard, in full definition, on an ultra-fast micro SD card. You can rely on ASIO to safely spot and store everything during your flight!

A large set of onboard sensors and control algorithms

GPS-free stabilization, Advanced control algorithms, Wall-lock and wall-scan, Rewind and auto-landing, Obstacle repulsion, Safety slowdown, and Self-righting

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Applications Inspection Drones
Industries Civil Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas

    • Up to 24 minutes flight time for efficient inspection missions
    • Low noise (<80dB @ 1m) for safer work in closed spaces
    • The high-performance propulsion system, using motors co-developed with Maxon, to make you fly longer and further
    • Live-streamed 4K and IR cameras to spot defects in a wide range of situations
    • Strong protective cage made of aerospace-grade material, co-developed with Solvay
    • Advanced sensors and algorithms to assist the pilot with autonomous features, making ASIO incredibly easy to fly
    • The Flybotix ASIO - The complete indoor inspection drone solution by Flybotix
    • A patented propulsion system.
    ASIO® Professional Inspection Drone

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