Hammer Energy Tester SPTMAN

Hammer Energy Tester SPTMAN
Hammer Energy Tester SPTMAN
Hammer Energy Tester SPTMAN

The SPTMAN is easy to use and portable system that is used to calculate hammer energy.

The SPTMAN system measures the actual energy transferred from the driving hammer to the drive rods and calculates the hammer energy coefficient by comparing the theoretical potential energy. The heart of the system is a rugged, portable analyzer with solid-state memory.

The system is supplied with a standard 54mm diameter instrumented SPT rod and a waterproof carry case for added protection. Tests are carried out using easy-to-follow menu displays, enabling hammer energy and energy ration to be displayed in real-time. 

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Applications Hammer Energy Tester
Industries Commercial Services, Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities - Electricity and Water
  • Instant hammer energy measurement and transfer coefficient calculation
  • Rugged and lightweight system
  • Storage for over 700 results
  • Complies with the relevant parts of both
  • BS EN ISO 22476-3 and ASTM D 4633-10
  • Backlit LCD screen for working in dark environments
  • James Fisher Testing Services calibration service available.

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