MAPS-2 is the ultimate solution for the automatic preparation of materialographic specimens. A modular system which is customized exactly to the user’s specific requirements. MAPS-2 takes care of the entire preparation process ¬– from plane grinding to final polishing – including cleaning and drying. Automation means excellent specimen quality and cost savings due to the precise control of all preparation parameters and consumption of abrasives and lubricants. Reproducibility is second to none.

MAPS-2 consists of modules, each with two work stations, one cleaning station, and a specimen holder arm. Accessories such as dosing units, an additional recirculation cooling unit, level indicators for consumables, etc. differ according to the configuration of each MAPS-2 system. Conveyors transport the specimen holders from unit to unit. Suspensions and lubricants are stored in easily accessible modules.

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Applications Grinding & Polishing Machines
Industries Aerospace, Commercial Services, Defence & Security, Education & Research, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas
  • Complete solution for automatic preparation
  • High capacity for multiple flows of specimens
  • Multiple combinations of preparation processes
  • Complete solution
  • Multiple combinations of configuration
  • High efficiency
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Touchscreen operation
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