POROSCOPE® offers a range of test voltages suitable for almost every coating thickness and every kind of coating material.

The pore testing is carried out by means of a constant DC voltage between 0.8 and 40 kV. But you’re at no risk of danger: Fischer high-voltage pore testers meet all the safety requirements of ISO 2746. In addition, these handheld devices are very robust – ideal for conducting inspections even under harsh conditions. Regardless of how challenging the application, you’re always properly equipped with Fischer holiday detectors. From fine pore inspections on plastic coatings or sterile, air-tight packaging for medicinal or food products right through to checking the plastic or enamel coatings used to protect tanks, ships' hulls, or piping against corrosion.

Available in three voltage ranges:

  • POROSCOPE® HV5: 0.8–5kV
  • POROSCOPE® HV20: 4–20kV
  • POROSCOPE® HV40: 8–40kV

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Applications Holiday Detector
Industries Aerospace, Commercial Services, Defence & Security, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas
  • Portable pore testers for detecting pores and cracks in surfaces
  • Robust, for use on construction sites or in manufacturing
  • Compliance with safety requirements according to ISO 2746
  • Simple operation thanks to intuitive menu navigation, lighted display, and rotary pushbutton
  • An extensive selection of electrodes for every application
  • Continuously adjustable test voltage and detection sensitivity, electronic test voltage monitoring
  • Optical and acoustic pore indication
  • Clear display of the test voltage in the test head

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