Dynamic Pile Test System SIMBAT

Dynamic Pile Test System SIMBAT
Dynamic Pile Test System SIMBAT
Dynamic Pile Test System SIMBAT

Suitable for both cast-in-place and pre-cast piles, the SIMBAT technique was first developed in the 1980s before being further developed by James Fisher Testing Services and gained in popularity over traditional dynamic testing techniques.

The core differences between SIMBAT and more traditional dynamic load testing techniques are:

  • A high speed optical/digital theodolite is used to record real-time displacement
  • A series of high and low strain blows are used so reactions are determined without assuming soil  amping factors
  • Displacement data from the theodolite is used to correct accelerometer data
  • The simulation model is based on accurate displacement rather than calculated velocity

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Applications Pile Integrity Testing
Industries Civil Infrastructure, Commercial Services, Education & Research, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Utilities - Electricity and Water
  • Most accurate high strain dynamic testing method available
  • Unique theodolite measures elastic and permanent displacement remotely
  • Instant dynamic reaction and displacement readings
  • Rugged and lightweight, a hand-held acquisition unit
  • Storage for over 700 results
  • Backlit LCD screen for working in dark environments.

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