Struers webinar on additive manufacturing technologies, perspective and quality inspection

Struers Webinar

Do not miss the NORDIC ONLINE ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING SEMINAR from Struers on the 4th of November 2021 from 12 pm - 5:50 pm. (UAE Time)

Struers have the experience of working with materials produced from additive manufacturing for many years. Struers Application Specialists and external speakers from Danish Technological Institute, FORCE Technology, AMEXCI, and Siemens Energy AB will share insights on Additive Manufacturing technologies, perspectives, and quality inspection.

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Mazrui Group

Mazrui Group is a privately held diversified holding company that operates across numerous industries and asset classes. Originally created to manage the business interests of the family of Mr. Abdullah M. Mazrui, it has continued to grow as a regional partner of choice.

Mazrui Group companies are market leaders in Oil & Gas, Construction & Building Materials, Retail, Industrial, Healthcare and Education. All companies benefit from a world class support structure delivered through a “Shared Services” model.


We, at Sigma, are proud of our association with world leading engineering brands from various parts of the globe including America, Europe and Japan. Our association with some of the key principals are longer than a decade.

Over the years, we have built our relationship with suppliers to offer the best solutions to customers in the region.