Digital Microscope DSX 1000

Evident Olympus
Digital Microscope DSX 1000
Digital Microscope DSX 1000
Digital Microscope DSX 1000
Digital Microscope DSX 1000
OLYMPUS DSX1000 Digital Microscope

DSX 1000 digital microscopes enable faster failure analysis with accuracy, repeatability, Better images, and results. Choose the model that best suits your needs from Entry Model, Tilt Model, High-Resolution Model, or High-End Model.

  • Macro to Micro Versatility
    • Large selection of lenses to find the best magnification, resolution, and working distance for your sample
    • Coded free-angle observation system
  • Multiple Observations with a Single Click
    • Change lenses and observation method quickly by pushing a button
    • All observation methods are available at all magnifications
  • Be Confident in Your Results with Guaranteed Accuracy and Precision 
    • Accurate measurements with a telecentric optical system 
    • Both accuracy and repeatability are guaranteed at all magnifications
The Tool to Solve Your Challenges
  • Rough Inspection and Micron-Level Analysis with One System
    • In the past, both high-magnification and low-magnification microscopes were needed to complete an inspection.
    • Switching your samples between microscopes took time and required many settings adjustments
  • High-Resolution Images at High Magnification
    • When inspecting uneven samples, it is important to maintain a safe distance between the lens and sample to keep from damaging it. To see details, you need to increase the magnification, but this typically results in worse resolution.
  • Minimize the Chance of Crashing into Your Sample
    • If the distance between your sample and the lens is too small, the objective can crash into the sample during analysis, potentially damaging it.

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Applications Digital Microscopes
Industries Commercial Services, Defence & Security, Education & Research, Manufacturing
  • All-in-One System with a Wide Magnification Range
  • High-Resolution Image at High Magnification
  • Long Working Distance Objectives
  • Multiple Observations with a Single Click
  • Guaranteed Accuracy and Precision
  • Large selection of lenses that are easy to change
  • Switch between 6 different observation methods by pushing a button
  • Fast macro to micro viewing
  • Accurate measurements with a telecentric optical system.
Digital Microscope DSX 1000