Ferox 250 Sp World Series Scarifier/Shaver

Ferox 250 Sp World Series Scarifier/Shaver
Ferox 250 Sp World Series Scarifier/Shaver

The aggressive Ferox 250 has a drum diameter of 180 mm and a cutting diameter of 57 mm. When using the Ferox 250 you have to maneuver the machine in front of you. The Ferox 250 SP is equipped with a wheel drive and adjustable speed. This provides a smooth operation when using the machine.

Ferox 250 SP can be used for the milling of concrete, asphalt, coatings, road markings, and renovations of bridges. The ”Cutter drum”, is designed for scarifying and the ”Milling cutter drum” is designed for removing of road markings or other surfaces.

  • Belt tensioner with durable timing belt
  • Robust construction
  • Height adjustment with hand wheel and quick lift
  • Also available with water connection
  • Comprehensive range of cutters

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Applications Surface Preparation
Industries Civil Infrastructure, Commercial Services

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