Freedom Power System Utilities

Freedom Power System Utilities
Freedom Power System Utilities
Freedom Power System Utilities
Freedom Power System Utilities
Freedom Power System Utilities

Electricity at substations and telecommunication networks are required to maintain grid operations. Utilities cannot control when weather or other unforeseen events will cause the grid to go down. Because outages do occur, utilities have habitually protected their operation by backing up networks and switching centers with batteries and generators. However, these antiquated solutions are no longer the best solution for the imperative job of keeping critical infrastructure functioning during an outage.

Altergy has developed a better solution, using its breakthrough hydrogen fuel cell power systems to deliver clean, sustainable, reliable power, cost-effectively when the grid fails. Altergy has provided this extended runtime backup power solution to telecom operations, emergency response, homeland and government applications for almost two decades. These modern clean power solutions allow utilities to replace both batteries and/or generators to backup power to critical infrastructure. These systems feature Altergy’s revolutionary Freedom Power Technology with extremely robust construction, delivering power conditioning and regulation capabilities that increase efficiency and keep electricity flowing.

With more than 8.3 million watts deployed and 32 million operational hours logged, Altergy’s hydrogen fuel cell power systems have provided continuous power during grid outages caused by events like Hurricane Sandy, the earthquake in Napa, CA, and the most destructive fire in California history in Paradise, CA.

With the largest deployed fleet of hydrogen fuel cells in telecom, Altergy is the trusted backup power partner since 2001.

Altergy’s Freedom Power System:

  • Meets sustainability and climate change objectives
  • Produces power with no greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Eliminates performance and replacement issues with batteries and generators
  • Low initial capital cost
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Smallest footprint, highest power density

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Applications Fuel Cell
Industries Aerospace, Defence & Security, Power Generation, Utilities - Electricity and Water

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