Altergy, the leading producer of hydrogen fuel cells for telecom backup power, is pleased to introduce the Freedom Power™ Nacelle, a lightweight and compact packaging of its rugged, clean, reliable, and proven hydrogen fuel cell power system.

Nacelle dramatically decreases the footprint, volume, weight, and price of hydrogen fuel cells while providing numerous mounting options. Nacelle can be a cabinet, shelter, wall, door, or pole mounted.

Altergy has developed a better solution, using its breakthrough hydrogen fuel cell power systems technology that delivers clean, sustainable, reliable power, cost-effective when the grid fails. These next-generation solutions allow telecom providers to modernize their networks to meet connectivity and sustainability demands as well as FCC backup power mandates. These Freedom Power™ Systems eliminate costly batteries, battery maintenance, battery replacements, generators, and environmental issues.

The Freedom Power™ Nacelle shares Altergy’s rich history of telecom reliability, performance, and durability with more than 8.3 million watts deployed and more than 32 million operating hours.

With the largest deployed fleet of hydrogen fuel cells in telecom, Altergy is the trusted backup power partner since 2001.

Altergy’s Freedom Power System – Nacelle:

  • Meets sustainability and climate change objectives
  • Produces power with no greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Eliminates performance and replacement issues with batteries and generators
  • Low initial capital costs
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Long runtime solution
  • Smallest footprint, highest power density

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Applications Fuel Cell
Industries Aerospace, Defence & Security, Power Generation, Utilities - Electricity and Water

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