Scan Dust 9000 World Series

Scan Dust 9000 World Series
Scan Dust 9000 World Series
Scan Dust 9000 World Series
Scan Dust 9000 World Series

The ScanDust 9000 World Series is our largest and most efficient industrial dust collector, featuring increased filter capacity and built-in pre-separators. The unique and patented pre-separator separates the dust into two stages and provides up to 90% pre-separation. This means that you do not need to clean the filters as often, which provides a longer filter life and less interruptions for maintenance compared to traditional industrial dust collectors. Since the pre-separator is built into the machine, it is always included in the workplace, which means no extra equipment that needs to be handled or transported.

The filter area of ​​the ScanDust 9000 World Series is 4.2 m2 (45 sq/ft) and consists of 32 Teflon coated sock filters and 2 Hepa 14 filters. Hepa 14 provides an extremely high filtration rate of 99.995% and takes care of the very smallest and most dangerous particles despite a very high air flow.

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Applications Surface Preparation
Industries Civil Infrastructure, Commercial Services

Electric version:

Voltage: 400-480 V 3~

Motor Power: 7,5 kW / 10 hp

Current: 16 Amp

Max airflow: 460 CFM / 782 m3/h

Max Vacuum: 90 in / 225 mbar

Hose: 33ft x 3” and 33ft x 2” / 10m x Ø76mm and 10m x Ø50mm

Inlet: Ø3” Camlock / Ø76 mm

Primary filter: 32 teflonated polyester sock filters, 4.2 m2 FT 99.5%

Micro filter: Hepa 14, 2 x 3.9 m2 99.995%

Sound level: 85 dB(A)

Dimension: 59″x 29″x 74″/70″/62″ / 1500 x750 x 1990/1880/1590 mm

Height adjustments: 74″/70″/62″ / 1990/1880/1590 mm

Weight: 340 kg / 750 Ibs

Frequency: 50 Hz/ 60 Hz

Filter cleansing: Semi-automatic Jetpuls

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