Duramin 40

Duramin 40
Duramin 40
Duramin 40
Duramin 40
Duramin 40

Duramin 40 is the primary range of Struers micro/microhardness testers. It is available with a manual and motorized XY-stage and with an overview camera. Duramin 40 comes with three load ranges; 10.0 gf โ€“ 10.0 kgf, 10.0 gf โ€“ 31.25 kgf, and 1.0 gf โ€“ 62.5 kgf. The tester includes an integrated PC with a separate monitor for touchscreen or mouse operation. Dual monitors are also an option. The test cycle is fully automatic, and a motorized six-position turret is standard. Add-on modules include Kc fracture measurements, mapping, and weld measurements.

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Applications Hardness Testing
Industries Aerospace, Commercial Services, Defence & Security, Education & Research, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas
  • Methods: Vickers, Knoop, and Brinell hardness testing
  • Load ranges: 10 gf-10 kgf, 10 gf-31.25 kgf, 1 gf-62.5 kgf
  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic micro/macro tester
  • Automatic six-position turret
  • Manual and motorized XY-stage
  • Motorized Z-axis
  • Anti-collision system
  • Automatic illumination
  • Overview camera option
  • Report editor
  • Embedded PC with mouse or touchscreen operation.
Duramin 40
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