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Sigma Enterprises is pleased to announce the release of the new Olympus OmniScan X3 64 phased array and TFM flaw detector

The new OmniScan X3 64 flaw detector addresses the increasing demand for 64-pulser PA and TFM in a portable format. Leveraging the use of dual array probes for austenitic/CRA/dissimilar welds, the OmniScan X3 64 instrument solves challenging PA and TFM applications, including thick-walled and austenitic welds and high-temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA). Sigma Enterprises is the authorized distributor for Olympus in the United Arab Emirates.

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Sigma and DJI Partnership

DJI is a reputed provider of drone solutions that are redefining industries. The DJI enterprise range offers increased capabilities and options varying from multispectral payloads and thermal cameras. DJI platforms allow capturing images that were once out of reach with advanced flying and camera stabilization systems.

Strengthening Sigma Enterprises' strategy of being the market leader in Drone Technologies in the Middle East, the addition of DJI Enterprise Drones to our portfolio will allow us to offer end-to-end drone solutions to our customers, especially those working on budget-sensitive projects.

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Instron 3400 and 6800 Series Universal Testing Series

The all-new 3400 and 6800 Series high force universal testing systems are successors to Instron’s popular 3300 and 5900 Series systems and are available in 100 kN and 300 kN* capacities. With the higher capacities come a host of new features focused on durability, ergonomics, and simplifying mechanical testing.

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3400 Series

6800 Series

Mazrui Group

Mazrui Group is a privately held diversified holding company that operates across numerous industries and asset classes. Originally created to manage the business interests of the family of Mr. Abdullah M. Mazrui, it has continued to grow as a regional partner of choice.

Mazrui Group companies are market leaders in Oil & Gas, Construction & Building Materials, Retail, Industrial, Healthcare and Education. All companies benefit from a world class support structure delivered through a “Shared Services” model.


We, at Sigma, are proud of our association with world leading engineering brands from various parts of the globe including America, Europe and Japan. Our association with some of the key principals are longer than a decade.

Over the years, we have built our relationship with suppliers to offer the best solutions to customers in the region.